Skin tone color analysis

Skin tone color analysis is a method of selecting colors to complement and enhance your appearance. The “right” colors will brighten your eyes, skin tone and hair. Wearing your best range of colors will make you look younger, healthier, vibrant and energetic. The “wrong” colors will dull your eyes and skin and make you look older.

A wardrobe analysis is a great way to understand and organize your closet. This service helps those who have invested time and money into their clothing selections. The wardrobe analysis takes place at your home so we can review your current clothing to audit outdated garments and remove items unflattering to your figure.

  • Wardrobe & Closet Analysis includes the following:
  • Body structure analysis
  • Skin tone color analysis
  • Review of current wardrobe
  • How to create new outfits from your closet
  • What styles work for your body type
  • Recommendations for new garments needed
  • Photo catalogue of new outfits created
    (Additional fees may apply)

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Our Personal Shopping service begins with a consultation including Skin tone color analysis and body structure analysis. This consultation helps us learn about your clothing style and needs. We identify your lifestyle and can help pull together an entire wardrobe based on your needs, style, budget, personality, career, and social activities.

  • Personal Shopping includes the following:
  • Body structure analysis
  • Skin tone color analysis

Your choice in men’s business suit and how you wear it says a lot about your personality. We give you expert advice on how to choose design, color, and material that best matches you based on skin tone color analysis and body structure analysis.

  • Sample of our major material handling brands
  • Top quality brands : Ermenegildo Zegna /Dunhill /LOLO PIANA
  • High-class brands : DORMEIL/ Scabal
  • Middle-class brands : CANONICO / estrato / CERRUTI / courreges
  • Domestic high-class brands : price:50000yen~

We also take orders of our original custom-made shirt, necktie, and pocket-handkerchief.


Yumiko Yamak
Yumiko Isshiki

Image Consultant
Personal Stylist

Profile: Lived in the United States from 2002 until 2011, after spent several years working at a major corporation and a law firm in Tokyo. While in US, she started exporting New York style fashion and accessories, then shifted her passion to image consulting, an intimate art of enhancing personal magnetism and charm of her customers. As an image consultant, she worked at the pioneering image consultant's consulting firm in New York. Later, she started her own studio within the firm and advised various customers like corporate executives, business men and women and artists. She also served as an instructor of color coordination and fashion styling at Nippon Club of NY and Long Island Culture Center. She is a Master Instructor of Sogetsu Ikebana and Preserved Flower Professional.

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. Certificate in Image Consulting, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).
Third class Certificate, MAKEUP Society of Japan.

Affiliation: Association of Image Consultants International, New York Chapter.

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